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Introspection is a platform with a wiki frontend, a node backend and enables me to understand more about where I put my efforts by cataloging every project I do. The face of Introspection is the wiki you're reading right now. It's inspired by Oscean, a project by Devine Lu Linvega.

Some technologies that enable the work I do on Introspection include:

  • bootstrap
  • express
  • font-awesome
  • git-rev
  • jade
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • marked
  • mlab
  • mongoose
  • nib
  • nodejs
  • pagedown
  • passport
  • stylus

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Running your own

To run your own you'll need to do a few things straight away, start a mongodb instance, create a secret.js file, change the analytics tracking code, and enable account creation.


At the project root create a file named secretjs and populate the following export:

module.exports = {


Go to the layout.jade file and modify the analytics tracking code.

Enable Account Creation

Go to the route.js file and uncomment the two sections for the /signup route.

Install and Run

Given these steps, you should be able to run your own introspection server with npm install and npm start.