Project Potato - Global Game Jam 2014 (part 2)

It’s been a week since the conclusion of the Global Game Jam 2014. Some pretty rad games came out of Ottawa this year. Our city has a pretty great run of gems now with Starwhal: Just the Tip from 2013 and now Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. This year was my first jam using unity and I learned a lot about my unity workflow that’ll help me the next time I jam using it.



So yeah! Those games are pretty rad, but what did I do with my long weekend? To be honest I only got about 70% there but I did learn a lot and had a good time. I got some good feedback on my game design after the presentations and since the jam I’ve been working on version 0.2 which will be my game-jam goals realized in a scalable engine using the lessons I learned from this jam to make for a better...

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